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Tilbehør til skriveborde

Slimtray Large

Slimtray is a very discreet and functional drawer. The front of the 873 mm wide drawer is only 30 mm. Removable plastic tray included. Also available with lock.


The plastic tray can be easily moved from side to side, making it easy to arrange the drawer as needed. Easy to install with 4 screws under the table top.

COLORS: Supplied as standard in the colors white, black and aluminum. The drawer can be painted in other colors. Contact us for more information.

Swivel Pen Tray

Pen tray with space for “Post-it”, pens and clips. The pen tray can rotate 360 ​​°.

The pen tray is mounted discreetly under the table top and is a perfect solution for places where things are wanted.


The pen tray is easily mounted under the desk top for example. TWIN CLICK series. The pen tray is fitted with 2 screws. Elegant design in good quality

Cable entry

Cable entry is available as standard in steel, aluminum look or plastic. But other surfaces are also possible.

CPU Holder Lock

Elegant and powerful lock for CPU holder 2001 + CPU holder 2001 mini.


The lock is fitted with a 6 mm insert hardened chain and insulated with a black sock.


Installation is simple and easy with an unbracho screw.


The Power Tower is an elegant socket that is integrated into the desktop.  


Power Tower is available in different variants. For example. 3 x DK EL and 2 x Cat 6.  


The product is spring loaded and can be opened with a click.


Hideaway is a flexible solution for hanging a laptop / docking station.


The suspension can rotate 360 ​​*, slides back and forth towards the user and is used both vertically and horizontally as the contact plate can be lifted.


Velcro is included for docking station mounting.

Power Box

The Power Box is an elegant socket for folding in the table.


Power Box is available in different variants. Eg. 3 x DK EL, 2 x Cat 6, 4 x USB.

Monitor Arm

Move is a simple and elegant screen solution that can be assembled according to your wishes and needs. Move monitor arm can be ordered with and without extension and for one or two screens.


The monitor arm is mounted very stable via table entry or table clamp. When ordering, please state whether it should be with table feed or table clamp.

Power Grommet

Power Grommet is a cable entry with 1 x DK electricity and 4 pcs. outlet for wiring.