Lounge Serie Change Me og Next | Aalborg | 2G-Office

Soft seatings and lounges

Change Me Furniture for common areas.


A modular furniture system designed to accommodate a wide range of functions such as lounge, common areas, libraries, schools and colleges.


Chang Me is simple yet sophisticated. The modules can be shaped into a myriad of arrangements and expanded as needed.


Change Me encourages the user to sit, lie down, stand, work and rest.


Change Me is manufactured for heavy use and only the best materials have been used.


The NEXT sofa / bench system was designed by architect Thomas Pedersen and launched in collaboration with Savir Design.


The idea behind NEXT is to create a lightweight and comfortably combined sofa / bench system that, with relatively few elements, can offer a myriad of varied arrangements of open common areas as well as closed meeting and recess areas.


NEXT thus ensures several applications and creates the framework for positive and inspiring learning environments.


The starting point is a high level of quality, ergonomics and flexibility.