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Education furniture

Gate Student

Gate Student 9500, Gate Young Student 9501

Gate Student the chair for teaching. Gate Student comes standard with seat / back in 100% PP. Polyamide castors and soft castors DIN iso 12529.

Polyamide cross and 30% glass tissue reinforced for optimal strength. All materials are carefully selected for 100% recycling. Gate Young Student is perfect for students in pre-school.

Gate Student 9400 – 9470 – 9480 – 9590

Gate Student is an elegant and sturdy chair, with emphasis on seating comfort and ergonomics with optimal back flexibility. The chair has a grab handle in the back, which makes it easier to lift and move the chair.


The ergonomically shaped back with a 23 cm narrow base allows you to sit in several sitting positions. Available with or without upholstery and black or chrome frame.

Variants: Gate Student 9400 4 leg stacking chair (stacks 5 chairs), Gate Student Counter with feeding (9470), Gate Student high chair with feeding (9480), Gate Student stool (9590)


Gate Student BIO
Gate Student BIO is a particularly sustainable chair. The shell is made of composite made from recycled polyethylene plastic and wood fibers with a focus on less CO2 emissions in production and a guaranteed long service life.

In addition, the wood fibers give the chair a natural, warm look and also cause the seat to acclimatize to room temperature and thus ensure better comfort. Available in black and gray.