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  • HUMANTOOL Saddle chair teaches you a healthy and upright posture.

  • The ball-like construction brings movement into your seat.

  • The swinging movement paths and balance training promote healthy movement while feeling that work is a vacation.

  • Along with a new work chair you get all the benefits of a saddle chair as well as healthy movement.

  • Keeping the balance on the saddle leads to many different muscle groups doing all kinds of movement series in different directions.

  • You can improve your physical fitness and well-being while sitting at your desk.

  • Back pain decreases as the pressure between the nerves is reduced through movement while sitting.

  • Metabolism and blood circulation are improved

  • The muscles of the pelvic floor are strengthened, which helps, among other things, to prevent incontinence

  • The saddle is soft in the middle part, therefore the pressure on the genitals is low

RH Logic

RH Logic has large back and comes as standard with castors for soft floors and base in silver aluminium. It can be enhanced with a range of options and accessories. Adjustment controls are easy to understand reachable and visibly while seated.

Frictionless tilt mechanism. Infinitely adjustable and can be locked in chosen position. We recommend to work with the tilt open.

RH Activ

RH Activ follows your smallest movement as comfortably as ergonomically. Because, like all our chairs, it is based on 2PP ™, which is our philosophy of sitting. Furthermore, just think of a single, easy-to-use setting even when sitting in the chair. RH Activ is a work chair that, thanks to its simplicity and ergonomics, fits most work environments, for example in offices and in industry. The work chair is available in four basic models.

RH Mereo

RH Mereo is a work chair that is also a work tool and a business tool. RH Mereo is designed with the aim of improving both your and the entire workplace's performance. It is easy to adapt to any person regardless of physical appearance. This makes it both a completely personal chair and a chair that fits in the office landscape. RH Mereo's 2PP ™ dynamic system ensures that everyone gets an active sitting position. It requires nothing more than a simple adjustment. RH Mereo combines innovation, functionality, usability and efficient design from the inside out. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy a perfect sitting position all day, every single day.

RH Extend

RH Extend is as easy to use as it is elegant and ergonomic. Of course, it is based on 2PP ™, which is our philosophy of sitting. The chair is equipped with a handle which makes it easy to choose the right sitting position. It is something that makes it a perfect chair, if you have several shared about it on different occasions. RH Extend works really well in all types of office environments and comes with back in two different sizes.

RBM 300

RBM 300 series. This is a cool chair series for extra demanding environments. Robust and stable chairs that cope with the usual stresses, for example in schools. The RBM 300 series is designed to withstand many different users for a long time. The design is functional. Your choice of material or cover gives the chair its feel. All chairs in the RBM 300 series have a multi-grip, which easily adjusts both seat and backrest for the best working position. The grip is stepless and fixes where you want it easy and uncomplicated. Several of the models are school safe. They require specialized tools to remove the backrest and grip.

RBM 600

RBM 600 series. Is a stylish office chair with special, patented dynamics function, RBM Active Dynamic. This mechanism balances the chair and provides good ergonomic support, no matter how you sit and whether you are leaning forward or backwards. Therefore, the chair fits well into active, mobile workplaces, where people often move around and have different work positions. The RBM 600 Series chairs are very easy to adjust for optimum seating comfort.

RBM 700

RBM 700 series. This is a work chair that is both seen and felt. It has a modern, distinct design and a user-friendly feature. It is easy to adjust and adjust the chair according to individual needs. Regardless of weight, length and posture, the RBM 700 series can be quickly adjusted as you like. The RBM 700 series places great emphasis on ergonomics and flexibility and also has an expressive shape. This is a chair that adapts to your body and posture and not the other way around.

RBM 800

RBM 800 series. Ever since we launched our first RBM 800 series, we have set the standard for comfort and functionality for office chairs. With the RBM 800 we have updated the form a bit. It is a little nicer and has slimmer lines and now also in more environmentally friendly material. Just like before, the chair is designed for the user. The chair is for those who do not want to give up neither comfort, function nor form. The RBM 800 is a really comfortable chair to sit in when working long and hard.