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2G-Office is a creative company that creates large and small office environments with the aim of creating more efficient and more satisfied employees.


We meet customers' challenges with simple interior design solutions, and we always seek the optimal balance between aesthetics and function. In order for people to perform and cooperate optimally, it is a prerequisite that they have the opportunity to act in well thought out and time-honored physical settings.


Our interior design experts give you the answer on how to design a modern office environment to bring your business the maximum value.


2G-Office works with concepts such as creative canteens that function as team spaces, collaborative areas, informal meeting facilities and focus rooms.


Desk sharing or hot desk, regular workplaces or guest workplaces. How does the IT solution provide flexibility?

We work out well-thought-out solutions for the modern school and focus on creating positive learning environments for children and adults.


We tailor the interior to suit the needs of each educational institution and we have extensive experience in creating creative solutions that inspire and motivate both students and teachers.


We know that children learn best in environments that are stimulating. We also know that teachers teach best when the physical frameworks around learning are aesthetic, flexible and timely.


Our interior design of schools often creates dialogue with teachers, students and the management. Requirements for flexible teaching environments in colleges, universities and other educational institutions are on the rise.


2G-Office meets the new learning styles in the interior of the future. In close dialogue with students, teachers and our own specialists, we develop unique environments with a focus on good comfort and functionality.

2G-Office has a wide and versatile range of user-friendly furniture for hospitals, laboratories and the healthcare and care sector.


We have many years of experience in fixtures and fittings and our core competence is customized and specially manufactured high quality fixtures. These are solutions specifically aimed at patient-


We have a thorough knowledge of regulatory requirements, certifications and all the basic safety requirements. In order to ensure optimum usability, we mainly work with furniture that is designed and constructed to be adapted to the individual user's needs.