Glastavler og Whiteboardtavler | Aalborg | 2G-Office

Glass boards and white boards

CHAT BOARD® glass panels are ideal for work environments and indoor use due to their unique expression in terms of colors and sizes.


The magnetic glass boards provide completely new possibilities for combining interior design and design of modern headquarters and private homes - beautiful pieces of design for any workspace, from reception areas, conference rooms to executive offices as well as educational environments and healthcare institutions.


Of course, it is not just the goals that are crucial when investing in new whiteboards. We therefore always have whiteboards in many different designs in stock, for vastly different environments.


Whether you need an extra-exclusive product, for offices and the like, whiteboards in materials that are particularly well-suited for classrooms or creative environments, or something completely fourth, we almost always have the type of whiteboards that are the best fit in.


Again, it should be emphasized here that our greatest desire is to live up to our clients' ideas and needs when it comes to whiteboards.