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Workplace layout


Today, the workplace is far more differentiated than before. It may sound cryptic, but activity-based decor is to a greater extent different places where employees can do their job best.


Concepts like creative canteens that works as team spaces, collaborative areas, informal meeting facilities and focus rooms.  


Desk sharing or hot desk, regular workplaces or guest workplaces.

How does the IT solution provide flexibility?  


These concepts and challenges require advice as well as product knowledge to provide alternatives for the best supporting furniture package in both the short and long term.

Facts about today's workplaces

Document handling


  • On average, 66% of desks are unoccupied during the work day

  • During peak periods, desks are occupied 50 - 80% of the time




  • 45% of all stored documents can be found in several locations

  • 85% of the documents are never used again

  • 15% of the working day is spent looking for these documents



  • 50% of all employees complain about uninspiring work environment

  • 45% of all employees complain about lack of support from the working environment